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After being involved in road running for a period of time I picked up a well known running related knee injury. Visits to local a therapist for treatment didn’t resolve the problem and led me to visit the Sports Injury Centre at Lilleshall. Once treated effectively, I learnt from personal experience that it is very important not to simply treat the area of pain, but to identify what the causing factor of that pain is. If you do not treat the source of what causes the problem, it will not go away. That is my philosophy with every client I treat. This experience provided me with my initial interest in sports injuries. When I was forced to retire from running, this led me to begin my studies in sports therapy, so I could help other participants in all sports, as well as others who may lead a more sedentary life style.


No. Everyone is welcome. Whether your problem or injury is sports related or not, I have a range of treatments available to help you. Full consultation and assessment will be carried out and exercise rehabilitation prescribed, if necessary.

Sports Related Treatment

Whether it is for a general sports massage or treating and managing sports related injury, Coulson Sports Therapy can provide you with the necessary treatment, advice and support.


Office & Manual Workers

Office workers can suffer pain and discomfort from postural related issues, such as neck, shoulder and lower back pain. With manual workers, back pain is a common issue related to absence from work.

Stressed Man

General Population

Whether it is aches and pains from gardening, DIY, struggling with migraines or a frozen shoulder, contact me to discuss it.

Senior Physiotherapy


Cycling; whether it be competitive, recreational or riding in an endurance sportive, should be comfortable, gain optimum performance and not put stress on the body that could result in the development of injury. Body position and the interaction between rider and machine is therefore very important. Many bike fitting services use a mechanical approach, focusing on the cycle. I have received training using a scientific, evidence based, 3 stage approach to a bike fit. Consideration is given to both rider and cycle. Injury, unless related to a fall, is more likely due to a stress related issue resulting from anatomical, biomechanical or mechanical factors. Rider and machine have to work in harmony to achieve efficient, injury free riding.

Professional Cyclist

The 3 stage integrated approach consists of a full screening of the rider. Weakness, joint or muscle restriction can soon result in the occurrence of an injury. Restriction can also minimise a rider's ability to maintain the optimum riding position they may have been placed in, also increasing the risk of discomfort or injury. The musculo-skeletal screening (stage 1) is followed up by a cycle specific rehabilitation programme to deal with those issues identified (stage 2). An effective conclusion from stages 1 and 2 can then allow progression on to stage 3, the bike fit.  

Stage 3 - The Bike Fit

The bike fit will focus on the 3 main contact positions (1. handle bars. 2. saddle. 3. pedals); the 3 main discipline specific riding positions (1. recreational/commute. 2. road racing/sportive rider. 3. triathlon/aero position) and the shoe/pedal/foot interface. Saddle height and position; cleat position and handlebar position are key focus areas for comfort, performance and minimising injury risk. Foot alignment will also be included within the assessment 

Group of Road Bikers
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