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Sports Therapy

Sports Injury Assessment & Treatment        1 hour session  Sports Massage - Upper or lower body     1 hour session  Full Body Massage                                                        

Bowen Therapy

Per Treatment 


Bike Fit

Per Hour                                                                   






Prices above are as from 1st Sept 2023


What do I need before I arrive?

  • A list of currently prescribed medications.

  • For sports therapy treatment, light clothing (e.g. t-shirt/shorts) is recommended.

  • For massage treatments, prior GP written consent is required for any of the following conditions: Cardiovascular conditions (thrombosis, heart conditions); oedema; psoriasis or eczema; high blood pressure; osteoporosis; cancer; nervous or psychotic conditions; heart problems (angina, pacemakers); epilepsy; diabetes.

  • If you have a cold or fever, it is recommended you re-arrange your appointment. IMPORTANT - also refer to the COVID-19 page during the current time.

For Running and Triathlon Clients...............

As you are in Epworth, why not visit the specialist running shop, Metres to Miles for expert advice on the correct running footwear for you. For any new runners, it is important to be in the correct type of running footwear. Go speak to Julian and the team .

Couple Running
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