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Julian - Former GB athlete.

Andy has worked wonders on my calf muscles. Many years of running in minimalist footwear means I have a problem with calf tightness from time to time and remedial massage has really worked to keep on top of things. And when I have over done things he's had another look at me and got to the root of the problem quickly. The treatment has really helped to loosen things off again and got me back on track.

Sue - Bike Fit. 2019.

I've had two bike fits with Andy. The first one was whilst training for Ride London last year. I have an arthritic knee which was painful on longer rides. Andy took time to understand my issues and then thoroughly checked my ride position making numerous adjustments until it was all correct for me. I immediately noticed that the bike was much more comfortable and also there was a noticeable improvement in my power and speed.

When I bought a new winter bike, I went straight to Andy for another bike fit and it was completed to the same standard with the same results. 

I chose Andy for a bike fit as he understood the physical issues I was having and addressed them, making my cycling not only more efficient but also much more comfortable. 

Max - Under 23 Semi Pro Cyclist

Having seen various physios over the years I can safely say Andrew is by far the most professional and knowledgeable Therapist. Andrew worked closely with me when a knee injury put me out of training, and it was clear from the initial assessment that I was in safe hands. His depth of knowledge showed numerous little issues which accumulated to cause the niggling pain, and after a month of following his instructions with exercises and stretching I was back on the bike and stronger than ever. I had a bike fit post rehab and the difference in my body was clear, the bike fitter could not believe the difference in my body and posture on and off the bike. Andrew Coulson is a true professional with a wealth of expertise; I cannot recommend this guy enough! 

Physical Therapy Session

Ian - Bowen Therapy - Baby Colic.

I've been going to Andrew on a personal level for over 7 years, always impressed by the level of care he was provided, knowledge base and clarity which he has given about the steps forward to manage any ongoing and reoccurring issues. On another note, my new born daughter was suffering with what we believed to be colic, uncontrollable crying which lasted for hours on end, through the night. 

After a week of absolutely no sleep, during a routine appointment with Andrew, he explained that he was trained in Bowen Therapy and that he'd be happy to treat my daughter to see if this could at least improve the situation, it did much more than that! My wife brought our daughter over towards the end of my appointment and Andrew treated her. We couldn't believe the difference. After such a small amount of therapy the prolonged crying and clear pain that my daughter had been in stopped instantly. We took our daughter over for a second session a month later and haven't needed to take her since. I would strongly recommend Andrew both on a personal level for the service he has and continues to provide and the remarkable and instant impact of the Bowen treatment that he provided for my daughter.

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